From Warehouse to Apartments

The G &R Wills fashion warehouse is now a centre for graceful inner city living. Providing air conditioning and other services to modern apartments that have been carved out of a century old fashion warehouse and retail centre is a retrofit challenge for mechanical services. It is a challenge that Project Air conditioning met head on in a number of penthouse and multi level apartments in the Wills Building in King and Wellington Streets, Perth. …

BHP calls for quality apartment living

Project 4 was a design and construct contract aimed to deliver a contemporary development of nine x 3-level apartment blocks containing 45 apartments, a commercial tenancy and 96 car bays. This apartment complex set a new benchmark in the quality of accommodation available in Port Hedland through providing two-bedroom homes for BHP Billiton Iron Ore permanently located employees. …

Cottier Somerset Apartments, South Hedland

This project is a design and construct of 112 apartments over three lots for the Department of Housing in an effort to alleviate the current shortfall in affordable accommodation in South and Port Hedland areas. [read more]

Project Air Conditioning is currently on site installing the SMMS range of multi split units by Toshiba.

The company is working closely with head contractor, Jaxon Constructions to ensure the apartment project is ready for completion on time. [/read]

Samson Bond Store, Fremantle

This imposing apartment complex is in the heart of Fremantle. The renovation of one of the largest and historically most significant buildings in Fremantle (The Samson Bond Store) is a fine example of transforming heritage sites once used for merchants in the port city to attractive and modern apartment living. [read more]

Project Air Conditioning completed the fit out of air conditioning during the renovation stages of the building.

Utilising Fujitsu air conditioning equipment on this occasion, Project Air Conditioning worked closely with the architect and builder to achieve the desired outcome.[/read]

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