From Warehouse to Apartments

The G &R Wills fashion warehouse is now a centre for graceful inner city living. Providing air conditioning and other services to modern apartments that have been carved out of a century old fashion warehouse and retail centre is a retrofit challenge for mechanical services. It is a challenge that Project Air conditioning met head on in a number of penthouse and multi level apartments in the Wills Building in King and Wellington Streets, Perth.Barry Wiltshire, Project Air conditioning’s mechanical installation fitter, found that it took time to become familiar with the characteristics of the building. Installing air conditioning in several of the apartments, he discovered that every day brought a new problem which needed to be solved. However, his heavy involvement in the refurbishment gave him the feel for the building that was needed to employ the appropriate installation techniques.

Hitachi Inverter ducted units were installed to the apartments in a contract that required Project Air Conditioning presence on the site almost every day for more than six months.

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