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At Project Air Conditioning, we understand the significance of energy efficiency. That's why we're recognised throughout Perth and regional Western Australia as a leading provider of cost-effective commercial air conditioning solutions and systems that leverage advanced technologies.

Our expertise extends to all aspects of air conditioning, including essential building service infrastructure and cutting-edge energy-saving technologies. Through the application of our engineering and design proficiency, as well as state-of-the-art technology, we offer intelligent solutions that result in substantial cost savings. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Integration of intelligent air conditioning solutions with the most advanced technologies available.
  • In-house fabrication of thermally insulated air ducts that seamlessly integrate with high-quality air conditioning equipment sourced from our trusted supply chain.
  • Implementation of commercial solar power structures when required.
  • Expert advice on embedded network metering.
  • Low-energy heating and fresh air-cooling systems.
  • Retrofits of Variable Frequency Drive refrigeration and ventilation systems.
  • Retrofits of Variable Frequency Drive pumps and motors.
  • Comprehensive energy-saving services encompassing design, engineering, installation, service, client reporting, power monitoring, and more.

Energy consciousness begins with the installation of an appropriate commercial air conditioning system. This not only benefits building owners and occupants but also contributes to increased environmental and economic advantages for the entire global community.

An energy-efficient commercial air conditioning solution can significantly reduce electricity costs for businesses in Perth. Results are noticeable immediately after installation, with our energy-saving air cooling, heating, and ventilation systems not only lowering electricity bills but also increasing revenue and overall profitability.

Research has consistently proven that consumers are more likely to engage with companies that prioritise environmental sustainability.

What Our Energy-Efficient Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Truly Offer

At Project Air Conditioning, we go beyond being mere product suppliers. When you choose our energy efficiency solutions, you receive a comprehensive service provision, including:

  • Customised heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions tailored to match your energy usage and budget.
  • Experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable engineers, consultants, and technicians.
  • A wide range of premium-quality HVAC equipment carefully selected for their reputation of durability and performance.
  • System selection and design by experienced professionals, some with industry experience dating back to 1974.
  • Installation by fully licensed and accredited tradespeople.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance.
  • Peace of mind knowing that our air conditioning experts deliver first-class energy-efficient solutions and unbeatable customer service.

What's in Our Supply Chain?

Project Air Conditioning has established long-term relationships and gained access to some of the world's leading manufactured HVAC products. Through effective supply chain management, we ensure that our clients achieve cost-effective and energy-efficient outcomes. Here are a few examples of the advanced HVAC technologies we offer to reduce power costs:

  • City Multi Water Cooled VRF by Mitsubishi Electric
  • Set Free VRF system by Hitachi.
  • Climate Wizard fresh air-cooling systems by Seeley International.
  • Sky Air split systems by Daikin.
  • SMMSu 2 pipe VRF system by Toshiba.
  • ECO ventilation systems by Fantech.
  • Side Smart VRF condensers by Hitachi.
  • Ducted Power Inverters by Mitsubishi Electric.
  • Breezaire ducted evaporative coolers by Seeley International.
  • Variable speed drives by Fantech.
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