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Cottier Somerset Apartments, South Hedland, Western Australia

Apartment trend in the Pilbara

This project is a design and construct of 112 apartments over three lots for the Department of Housing in an effort to alleviate the current shortfall in affordable accommodation in South and Port Hedland areas.

Project Air Conditioning is currently on site installing the SMMS range of multi split units by Toshiba.

The company is working closely with head contractor, Jaxon Constructions to ensure the apartment project is ready for completion on time.


3 Regional Western Australia

Their onsite management and installation staffs in particular have impressed me with their caring attitude and response to the schools operational requirements while always delivering the installation to a high standard with minimal defects or ongoing issues upon completion. I have no hesitation in referring Project Air Conditioning to other clients and in fact have done so on a number of occasions following my dealings with them in the DET State Air Cooling projects.

Rod Balaam, Norman Disney and Young

Evaporative Cooling to Non Specialist Classrooms Value Management Study. Thank you for contributions to the above study. We believe we have achieved an acceptable outcome, our challenge now is finish the project which includes get policy adopted within the Education Department.

John Gartner, Department of Contract and Management Services, Goverment of Western Australia

Ellenbrook Retirement Village (Stage 7) Thank you for your contribution in making this project a success.

Adrian Murphy, Mirvac Fini

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BHP BIO Project 4, Pretty Pool, Port Hedland, Western Australia

BHP calls for quality apartment living

Project 4 was a design and construct contract aimed to deliver a contemporary development of nine x 3-level apartment blocks containing 45 apartments, a commercial tenancy and 96 car bays. This apartment complex set a new benchmark in the quality of accommodation available in Port Hedland through providing two-bedroom homes for BHP Billiton Iron Ore permanently located employees.

Project Air Conditioning was asked to complete a design and construct proposal for it's client, Jaxon Constructions. The company mobilised its workforce to site and completed its part of the project on time for hand over to BHP. Toshiba SMMS multi split units were installed along with mechanical ventilation systems.

5 Regional Western Australia

Escape from city life at Bethanie Retirement Villages

Retire in comfort at Bunbury or Yanchep

Project Air Conditioning has recently completed the air conditioning at two of the Bethanie Group's retirement villages at Eaton near Bunbury, in WA's south west region as well as Yanchep, 60 kilometres north of Perth. Project Air Conditioning carried out a full suite of services for Bethanie which included design and documentation along with the supply and installation of the air conditioning and associated mechanical ventilation.  Toshiba VRF systems have been installed at both sites. Project Air Conditioning also supplied and installed a state of the art building energy management system. The system is fully integrated and is operated remotely from the Bethanie headquarters in Perth.

Regional Western Australia 6

I have always been very impressed with the manner in which Project Air Conditioning deliver their services. During my association with the company they were very competitive, always innovative, ensuring our clients received value for money air conditioning systems and highly competent with their workmanship.

Mark Mackenzie, Spotless

They are always on time which is invaluable to a Builder. Project Air Conditioning's commitment to customer service is genuine and professional. I am delighted to recommend Project air Conditioning to anyone who requires a great team of people to get an air conditioning job done on time, on budget and of the highest standard.

Linda Hamilton and Pauline England, Buildcraft

With the impressive kind of service you all gave, {that I feel can be sadly missing in today's world,} I would highly recommend you to any of my friends who are looking for air-conditioning.

Christina Braid

7 Regional Western Australia

Harris Scarfe Department Store, Bunbury

Project Air Conditioning serving the regions as well as the cities

Although located in Perth and Cairns, the Project Air Conditioning management team has always held the view that if their clients wanted them to travel outside their home bases to carry out design and installation work for them they would be prepared to do so.

Recently Project Air Conditioning has been working as far and wide as Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville, Karratha and Port Hedland. The company is about to mobilise part of its engineering and trades team to Papua New Guinea.

The Harris Scarfe department store at Bunbury is one such early example in Project Air Conditioning history of the flexibility and mobility of its skilled workforce to serve regional areas.

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Project Air Conditioning in World Bank case study

Brenton Siviour of international accounting firm McKessar Tieleman has been working with the World Bank to help small businesses in China to improve their marketing, finan­cial and management systems and, following from that, their profits. The aim is to alleviate poverty by building small to medium business enterprises (SME). This will create employment, which leads to the creation of wealth.

The recent admission of China to the World Trade Organisation has exposed Chinese businesses to increased competition. Those businesses now say we need to know about world's best practice." Australia leads the world in business and entrepreneurial skills, so it was no surprise when the bank came to look for expertise. Mr Siviour began consulting with small businesses to improve their efficiency in 1996 with his own company, Siviour Corporate.  He has continued this work for McKessar Tieleman following the merger of the companies in February 2000.

In June 2001, the World Bank invited McKessar Tieleman to analyse the needs of business­es in Sichuan Province, China. This led to Mr Siviour becom­ing involved in a pilot project, starting in April 2002, to help five companies develop their systems to world standards.

9 Regional Western Australia

"We need to know about worlds best practice"

Consultants would be trained by McKessar Tieleman to go to Chinese companies and pass on the knowledge they had gained.  This is both cost effective and has the added benefit that, while few of the Chinese busi­ness people needing help have any knowledge of English, the trainee consultants are fluent English speakers.

Project Air Conditioning was invited to be a case study for the trainee consultants on the basis of Mr Siviour's prior knowledge of the company. Mr Siviour explains: "Project Air Conditioning has perfected its customer service strategy. "Not only are they skilled in the technical aspects of air condi­tioning design and Installation but the way in which they per­form their service.

"In my experience of studying and working with SME's in Australia and abroad, Project Air Conditioning's business processes and systems is an exemplary model of the meth­ods required of organisations to effectively serve markets and sustain employment.

Regional Western Australia 10

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Project Air Conditioning has recently completed the supply and installation of air conditioning, refriigeration coolrooms and walk-in freezers at the new Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet at Treendale, Western Australia. Treendale is a new suburb just north of Bunbury and is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.

Actron split ducted air conditioning equipment was installed into the kitchen and dining areas so as to provide a climate controlled environment for customers and staff. The construction of this world famous brand food outlet was carried out by local builder Smith Constructions which called upon Project Air Conditioning to look after much of the mechanical and refrigeration services and controls . Because of the fast build time, Project Air Conditioning deployed its installation, refrigeration and electrical teams in early February 2015 and met construction deadlines with commissioning of all plant in the last week of March.

11 Regional Western Australia

I have found Project Air Conditioning to be a competent contractor in their service delivery. Moreover the rate of our equipment breakdown has reduced significantly.

Mark Yates, Manager, Property Services, Racing and Wagering WA

The company’s engineering capabilities of selecting appropriate equipment and designing ducted systems along with their competency to install and commission equipment has fully satisfied myself and Mirvac.

Gerrard Murphy, Mirvac

Thanks to management and staff at Project Air Conditioning for their valuable contribution and the unprecedented access the company gave the Chinese delegation from the World Bank.

Mr Eric Siew, General Manager, The World Bank

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Rod Balaam, Norman Disney and Young

13 Regional Western Australia

John Gartner, Department of Contract and Management Services, Goverment of Western Australia

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Adrian Murphy, Mirvac Fini

15 Regional Western Australia

Mark Mackenzie, Spotless

Regional Western Australia 16

Linda Hamilton and Pauline England, Buildcraft

17 Regional Western Australia

Christina Braid

Regional Western Australia 18

Mark Yates, Manager, Property Services, Racing and Wagering WA

19 Regional Western Australia

Gerrard Murphy, Mirvac

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