Commercial Air Conditioning in Cairns

Cairns is notorious for its sunny weather and high temperatures, which means for any business wishing to operate at full productivity, it's imperative to maintain a fully functioning air conditioning system. Luckily, Project Air Conditioning is dedicated to commercial air conditioning and helping the businesses of Cairns to work comfortably and efficiently.

Our commercial and industrial air conditioning services are available for all Cairns public and private institutions across all industries, including mining and government. Rest assured that if we've visited your business or completed any of our commercial air conditioning services at your Cairns workplace, a quality job has been done. Working with Project Airconditioning you can expect nothing less than the upmost professional service. We're extremely experienced at working within a professional environment and always conduct work thoughtfully, as to not disturb the workplace. We always complete jobs efficiently and time sensitively, as to keep operation disruptions to a minimum.

We're fully licensed and certified, and our team of skilled commercial and industrial air conditioning mechanics in Cairns are equipped to work jobs of all sizes and complexity. No job is too big or too small, as we can perform anything from a standard service of a single unit to installation of office wide system.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding your heating/cooling system and would like to speak to one of our commercial and industrial air conditioning experts, contact our Cairns office on (07) 4045 3455.